Mission & Vision


The fundamental responsibility of Gauhati Commerce College is to serve the people and strive for the spread of business education and for academic excellence. The college seeks to present itself as a major centre of learning for the advancement, preservation, dissemination and use of knowledge in this backward region of the country. It encourages enrollment of students from different cross-sections of the society by providing them with the best of infrastructure and learning resources, so as to make teaching and learning a pleasurable and profitable experience. Through these efforts the college tries to mould in its students a total personality of professional competence, self confidence and positive attitude that would help in the development and growth of Assam in particular, the North-East Region and the country in general.

Vision of the College

The vision of Gauhati Commerce College is to become one of India’s leading Centre of Excellence imparting business education of the highest standard

The Goals and objectives of the college

(i) To spread commerce education in this region, i.e., the North East of India.
(ii) To achieve Academic Excellence.
(iii) To strive for better results.
(iv) To offer the best infrastructure facilities to students, teachers, employees.
(v) To strive to offer specialized courses in commerce.
(vi) To plan full employment for its Alumni through service and entrepreneurship.
(vii) To mould students into ideal citizens with High human values.

Motto of the college

Dissemination of information and knowledge as a centre of excellence in higher education by imparting quality education and pursuing research studies.